Owning body

The building housing the Museum, the former Co.Ri.Ca.Ma. factory, and all its heritage are property of the Municipality of Maniago.

Managing body

The Museum is run by the Association Lis Aganis – Friulian Dolomites Ecomuseum, that is in charge of managing and coordinating the museum’s staff and activities.

Scientific director

The Museum’s scientific director until 2021 has been prof. Roberta Altin, professor of Cultural Anthropology, Department of Humanities, University of Trieste, with whom the Municipality of Maniago has entered into a specific agreement. She supervised the activities of the MBAC since 2003; she wrote the project and curated the Coricama exhibition design. She coordinated the Museum staff in the planning and implementation of ordinary and extraordinary activities.

Museum staff

The Museum employs an all-women staff that works, creates and plans all activities necessary for the Museum to live and thrive.
Cristina De Zorzi, Valentina Dal Bello and Elisa Tomizza are the Museum curators.

Exhibition designer

Arch. Giovanni Andrea Panizon has designed and created the exhibition.